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Phoenix Pass

Phoenix Pass serves the needs of women and their children experiencing temporary homelessness by giving them an opportunity to reestablish self-sufficiency in a residential setting.

The program at Phoenix Pass provides participants with supportive services (classes and case management) and the resources to recover and rebuild a productive, stable lifestyle for themselves and their children.

Our families live rent-free in furnished apartments for up to two years. During this time they are required to work and save 30% of their income,design and implement an Individual Service Plan that outlines their goals, attend 26 classes designed to help them re-establish self-sufficiency and attend weekly coaching sessions to hold them accountable in meeting their goals.

Mother Working from Home

“Changing lives one family at a time”

  • Serving women with children experiencing homelessness

  • Providing 2 & 3 bedroom apartments, furnished & utilities included

  • Through a program focusing on financial stability, job skills, we provide support and education that brings families from poverty to prosperity.

  • Residents are required to save at least 30% of their income while in residence

  • Weekly coaching sessions available to help residents stay on track to meet their individual goals

Contact us at...
Phone: 770-655-8465


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