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Clayton County CSA - Head Start

Clayton County Community Services Authority, Inc. is a Community Action Agency supported and financed by Federal, State, and Local Funds. Funding for administration is derived from an indirect cost rate negotiated with the Department of Health and Human Services. The Agency is organized and structured in accordance to the laws of the State of Georgia.

Head Start provides services, e.g., Education, Health, Nutrition, Parent Engagement, Disabilities, Mental Health, Classroom Extension, etc. ensuring that the children are equipped, and ready to transition to Kindergarten. Among the many services they receive are medical and dental care, healthy meals and snacks, classroom curriculum instruction and quality recreation (indoors/outdoors). Also, Head Start services are offered to meet the special needs of children with disabilities. Included in the curriculum are special programs for the children such as activities that will assist them mentally, socially, emotionally, and physically. 

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Improving services to the most vulnerable...


​What We Do

  • Oversight and administration of day-to-day Head Start and/or Early Head Start services in communities where a previous grantee has relinquished, is under suspension, or has had its grant terminated by the Office of Head Start

  • Interim management services in all 12 federal regions, including providing services within 48 hours of notification if necessary

  • Take all corrective action necessary in order for each interim program to meet or exceed Head Start Performance Standards

  • Work in partnership with the Office of Head Start, regional offices, prior grantees, and replacement grantees to assure an orderly transition and minimal disruption in services

Contact Us:
Phone: (470) 975-0030 

Web:  ​​

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