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Restoration Storehouse (RSh) serves our community with unity. We provide services through partner organizations who have a proven record of offering help, healing, and hope that results in life changing transformation. Through collaboration and cooperation, the non-profit organizations of Restoration Storehouse (RSh), work together to improve the lives of any and everyone that enter our doors.

Once construction is complete, RSh will have a majority of its partner organizations co-located in one place on Parker Road in the heart of Rockdale County. Whether located together in one place or not, each organization is committed to providing the empowering and encouraging care needed in our community.


Restoration Storehouse (RSh) is a chorus of voices singing in unity with one goal in mind. RSh provides relevant care, educational opportunities, life enrichment and restoration to anyone and everyone. As needs are assessed, needs are addressed through compassionate, caring, and life lifting services administrated by a choir of long standing community service professionals with a heart for Conyers and the surrounding community.
RSh is a place for everyone and anyone who finds themselves in need of renewal and restoration.


Restoration Storehouse is committed to caring for the whole person, offering anyone and everyone the opportunity to be renewed and restored. We believe in encouraging and empowering our clients to create a better life for themselves and their family. RSh believes in the restoration of dignity by discovering each person's God given purpose and sense of exceptionalism. Our services will not only offer provision, but education to assist in the creation of a better tomorrow.

One purpose
One voice
New day
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