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Prevent Child Abuse Rockdale/Newton

PCAR  provides  parent education and support. PCAR helps strengthen families in their ability to raise healthy children with programs which provide nurturing parenting principles and proven strategies. PCAR provides educational programs, guidance, support groups and links to community resources as families strive to be more competent and self-sufficient.  First Steps is a parenting support and education program provided to all families of newborns at Piedmont Rockdale. Parents are visited in the hospital shortly after delivery and given a “Parent Packet” of helpful information and resources. Because a new baby requires lifestyle adjustments, First Steps is a safety net for everyone. During the hospital visit by our coordinator, families are carefully assessed for needs and concerns in order to refer them to community resources and services. Mothers are also offered emotional support, encouragement and a listening ear during this new chapter in their lives. PCAR also provides monthly Car Seat Safety classes. A new car seat is provided for families who qualify upon completion of the class.

Happy Children

All Children deserve safe and happy in their life!


Services Available​

  • ​​​​Active Parenting Program​ - Age specific parenting education

  • First Steps - a parenting support and education program that is provided to families of newborns who give birth at Rockdale Medical Center.

  • ​​​Newton/Rockdale Positive Parenting Program - Intensive, weekly home-based parenting programs for parents of children ages 0 -5. 

  • SafeCare is an evidence-based, 18-week, in-home parenting program that focuses on Child Safety, Child Health and Parent/Child Interaction for parents of children ages 0 – 5.

Contact us at...
Phone: 770-483-7333



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