About Us

Happy family reading a book togetherFor over a decade in the Rockdale County area, several organizations and leaders have been examining ways to create a location shared by organizations who are committed to serving people in need in this community more effectively and efficiently – leveraging rather than duplicating, reducing transportation challenges, gaining greater access to sources, and going beyond temporary relief to equipping people for sustainability.

The desire and vision is based on similar models existing at City of Refuge and Light House Village. We are focusing on multiple service offerings:

  • Providing life skills and employment training
  • Providing intervention/counseling
  • Meeting physical needs like food, clothing, furniture, and possibly health
  • Referring to additional resources
  • Providing a place and opportunities for volunteers to serve and express their faith/discipleship
  • Leveraging collaboration for greater access to resources, funding, and shared services
  • Demonstrating (living) as a Christian Community


WHO is our target audience?

  • People in need …“who face education/economic/social/emotional issues OR are at risk of unemployment, underemployment, and/or homelessness”
  • People desiring to serve …“nonprofits, social service agencies and the business community”, churches, individuals

What is the economic model?

  • Initial capital investment grant
  • Organizations “pay” or “contribute” and “provide resources”
  • Fundraising/grants – individual and joint
  • City, county, business, and faith-based “contributions” in various forms
  • Revenue generating opportunities

About Our Core Partners

Supporting Partners

  • The Beech Foundation
  • Light House Village
  • Phoenix Pass
  • The Father’s House
  • Excel Global Outreach
  • 3D Community Development Enterprises
  • Deirdra Cox – former Brand Bank Exec. & Community Reinvestment Act

Our Board Members

  • Mark Barbour – Chair
  • Katie Beam 
  • Ed Conway
  • Tim Hogg
  • Darlene Hotchkiss
  • Michael Hutcheson
  • Sheldon Landy 
  • Don Murphy
  • John Nix
  • Dan Ray
  • JaNice VanNess 


  • Ron Fairley – Executive Director