About Rockdale Coalition for Families and Children

Rockdale-CoalitionThe Rockdale Coalition for Children and Families (RCCF) works to facilitate and support collaborative initiatives that promote the healthy, drug-free well-being of children and families in the Rockdale community. Through their undertaking of assisting families with basic needs, RCCF has taken the lead in spearheading several of these initiatives: Community Resource Network, Days of Connection, Drug-free Community Coalition, Community Safetynet, Housing Opportunities for People Experiencing Setbacks (HOPES) Coalition, John K Morgan Community Service Scholarship, Local Interagency Planning Team (LIPT), Nonprofit Resource Summit, and Rockdale Employment and Career Help (REACH) Coalition. RCCF also supports initiatives with their community involvement in Hands Across Rockdale (HAR) and Leadership Rockdale Issues Day. For more information about RCCF, visit their website at www.rockdalecoalition.org.